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Snow Birds

As soon as the air starts to get cool and crisp in the north, thousands pack up and head south for the winter. If you are one of these people, you are not alone! When packing your items for the move, consider how you will transport your vehicles. Will you be driving a car to your destination? Flying? Driving an RV? There is a solution to take all of your vehicles with you for each of these situations! The answer is auto shipping. If you are driving but only have the ability to drive one vehicle at a time, need a single vehicle delivered or simply don’t want to haul it behind your RV, auto shipping can definitely help you! A truck is able to pick up your vehicle at virtually any location, and deliver it anywhere you would like it delivered. The vehicle will be secured and will not have to incur the wear and tear that driving hundreds of miles can ensue on a vehicle. Enjoy your winter home for the entire season with the ability to come and go as you please thanks to the fact that you brought your vehicle! When planning your trip for next year, be sure to include a free auto transport quote on your “to do” list!