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In-operative Vehicle Shipping

A very common reason a vehicle needs to be shipped is because it is unable to make the trip being driven. This could be because it is an antique, was in an accident, or needs some work. A vehicle is considered inoperative if it is unable to roll, brake, or run by itself. Transporting inoperative vehicles brings extra costs, typically there will be additional fees added to the total of the order. In order to transport inoperative vehicles, a winch is used to load and unload the vehicles from the car carrier. This is the easiest and safest option for the car and everyone near the loading and unloading site. Be sure to tell your customer service representative of any issues with the vehicle that could possible make it an inoperative vehicle. It is imperative that the auto transport company is made aware that the vehicle is inoperative because they may need to make special arrangements to accommodate the special needs of the vehicle.