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Going Against the Crowd

A very common question is if there are any ways to receive drastic discounts from an auto transport. It is not recommended to accept an extremely low price since trucks will not accept your order if it is not offering a competitive price. However, there are certain times of the year in which it is possible to receive a significantly lower price, these times come when you are moving your vehicle to a location that is opposite of the direction that the majority of vehicles are being transported. For example, every year thousands of people travel south for the winter, when they make that move they also ship their vehicles. This would be the ideal time to ship a car north from Florida for example. The reason this would be such a good time is because trucks will be looking for loads to fill the empty spots on their car carriers. They will be more willing to accept lower paying loads since they are eager to fill their car carriers and make a profit off of the trip. The same concept applies in the spring; the same thousands of people will be traveling north. Spring would be an optimal time to ship a car south. There are many other factors that play into the pricing of the auto transport industry; time and location are just a couple from a very long list. Speak with a customer service representative for more information as to how to obtain discounts!